King Of The Jungle...


Well today we traveled back the the savanna in search of Africa's animal king. And we found him lying majestically in some shade on a small bluff over looking his land.

It was the perfect ending to a fantastic trip to a land like no other.

In reality, my dream sequence has come to an end. I never really left cold and rainy York, PA. But it sure was a great dream while it lasted.

I hope to one day really get to Africa. It has long been a dream of mine and I hope to someday be able to shoot images like these of animals in the wild.

The images you have seen this week were shot while on vacation this summer in Florida. I shot them while at Disney's Animal Kingdom while riding the Kilimanjaro Safaris ride.

I was pretty happy with them though as I was sitting on the outside of the ride vehicle which never really came to a stop and moved at about 10-15 mph. Also many of the images were shot across the vehicle and the other occupants of the row in front of us.

Hope you enjoyed my imaginary trip over the last few days. Hopefully soon you can check out my images from a real trip to Africa!


Nick said...

Neat eyes. And Merry Christmas.

John Maslowski said...

Great shot. Nice details, especially like the position, looks like letting you know he's in charge. Have a Happy Holiday.

pnfphotography said...

amazing...ohhh to be king!!!!

Thomas said...

Nice photo and postprocessing - and certainly an usual Christmas photo. Even the centric composition really works great here. But, to be honest: that artifical frame is just...ahem...not so nice.