#617 The Move Is Underway...


Hi everyone-

Well The move to the new format and blog has begun. It's not completely ready yet but its ready enough to do a soft opening.

Currently the blog is located at www.brianbastinelli.net That is due to a domain ownership issue that I am currently going through with Bludomain.

I will post more about that after the issue is resolved. Which I hope to be soon. I would like to have my main address remain www.brianbastinelli.com.

Stay tuned on that and I'll definitely let you know what the final address of the new site will be.

In the mean time PLEASE take a look around and give me your feedback on the new site. As I said it is hardly complete but I hope to have ti ready by early next week.

Your feedback on its functionality, look and anything else you'd like to add is really important to me so please check it out and let me know what you think.

Thanks and have a great day!!

#614 Change On The Horizon...


Hi everyone-

After a few months of thinking about it, working on it, and thinking about it some more and then a little more working on it. I have finally started the process of creating a whole new web presence for Brian Bastinelli Photography.

The process has been started but of course is being held up by domain transfer, who would have thought that would be a problem (again)... Anyway as soon that fiasco is taken care of I'll really get moving on this and hopefully within a week or so we'll be ready for the big reveal.

In the mean time I'll continue to post and then this site will remain to redirect traffic to the new location.

Today I wanted to tell you all about a great photography workshop that my friend Bryan Allen is offering. The workshop is called Location People and it is one of the best learning and shooting experiences available for your photography dollar.

I took both Location People I and Location People II but the new class is being streamlined into a longer more intense offering called Location People.

All of the links you need to find out more are listed below as well as a few videos that will give you a feel for this great experience. Jameson Abart and Jerit Abart shot these great videos during the last Location People II workshop in Knoxville, TN.

Check them out and feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. As I said it's a great experience and Bryan is a fantastic instructor and person. If you enjoy shooting people and you like both location and lighting concepts this is for you.

Here is the info on where to register for the Location People workshop:




Here are the videos:

Workshop Teaser Video

Workshop Feature Video

Interview with Bryan Allen Lead Instructor

Interview with Brian Bastinelli

Interview with Usha Vedula

Click on IMAGES FROM THE WORKSHOP in the lower right corner of the linked page to see some of the great images that participants created during the week.

#613 Taking Advantage Of Your Surroundings...


Hi Everyone-

Today's images were shot on our recent family trip to Walt Disney World. More specifically they were shot in Disney's Animal Kingdom.

While we walked through the Dinoland section of the park I noticed this orange and green wall that seemed to go with the clothes that Cree had on that day. She was really ready to keep moving so I was only able to get one shot off while she was fully engaged with me. Then she gave me the I'm done look and walked away.


Later on in the day while we were walking around in the Asia themed area of the park I noticed a very cool wall outside of the restrooms. Conveniently for us it had a bench built in. So we stopped and played around for a few minutes and got the images of Tonya and I with Cree.



One thing that I always try to do when we are traveling or even out and about in our own area is to look for cool backgrounds and textures that I can incorporate into fun images of the family.

Have a great day!!

#612 FireRescue Cover Shot


Hi everyone-

Hope everyone had a great week. Mine was ok, and pretty long. Just got back from Las Vegas last night and you would think that after spending a week there at the WPPI photography conference I would be all amped up.

While I did learn a lot and am thankful for the experience I was really sick the whole time and didn't have any of the fun you might expect out of a Vegas trip. I never even got to play a single hand of black jack. Most days were spent in class trying stay awake, learn something and not hack up a lung. Evenings were spent trying to eat something and then heading to bed.

So today I went to the doctors again and then for x-rays to rule out pneumonia. Super. Waiting to hear back on that. And I'm starting another round of medications.

But one good thing has happened this week. One of my images shot at a fire in West Manchester Township was selected for this months cover for FireRescue Magazine.

The issue covers rural fire tactics. So the image is a good fit. FireRescue tries to create covers that give the reader a glimpse of what's inside. This image fits well because of the barns and windmill in it.

When I shoot fires I try to shoot a variety of scenes and angles. I want to tell the story of the incident. But one thing I always try to shoot are images that will fit well on the cover of the magazine. Obviously they need to be vertical bet I also like to arrange areas for the mast head (magazine title) as well as areas of dead space where text can be laid over.

This image worked pretty good in that way.

Have a great day!


#611 Breakfast With Chef Mickey...


Hi everyone-

Yesterday morning we had our last meal with any of the Disney characters, scheduled anyway.

So we went to the Contemporary Hotel and got our seats ready for Breakfast with Chef Mickey and friends.

As luck would have it we were seated at the first table inside the dining room from the characters entered the area. So we got to see them right as they came into the room. Since this was breakfast with Mickey and Friends tall the characters had on chef uniforms.

Everyone had a great time and Cree was able to get all the autographs and photos she was hoping for, and so did daddy...

Have a great day...


#610 Baby's Got A New Pair Of Shoes


Hi everyone-

Yesterday we left the Disney parks for the day and headed over to Universal and Islands of Adventure. While I tend to like Disney a bit more we had a great time.

First of all the weather was perfect. Around 70 and not a cloud in the sky. Secondly and almost as important, there was not a large crowd. At no point did we wait even ten minutes for anything,

After we arrived in the morning we headed right over to Islands of Adventure and specifically the Dr. Seuss area. It was awesome. Not only did the kids love it but we practically had the place to our selves. Most rides we actually rode alone and for a good hour there was only a handful of people in the area.

It couldn't have worked out better.

Just after lunch we had a few minutes while everyone was getting lunch cleaned up and hit the restrooms. While everyone was doing that Cree and I found an area of open shade with some cool colors on the ground or in the background. Something that was easy to do in this part of the park.

Cree recently got a new pair of shoes that are quite sparkly and light up. Well they were perfect for a little photo fun. So while we waited I found an area that I liked and we began shooting. That lasted about 10 minutes before everyone else was ready to go.

Cree had fun and we got a few cool shots.

Have a great day!




#609 A Kingdom of Magic...


Hi everyone-

I hope you had a great weekend. Ours has been... well... magical!!!

Friday started off with some snow and worries that we might be a little late to the airport and ended with us getting into Orlando 6 hours later than expected but with the added bonus of 6, yes 6 free airline tickets amongst the three of us.

We decided to take the airline up on an offer we couldn't really refuse.

Since then we have been having a super time at the Magic Kingdom and all of the WDW parks despite Cree and I both being pretty sick.

More about the trip later but I wanted to share two images shot This past Saturday while waiting for the Electric Light Parade to start.

Have a great day!