#613 Taking Advantage Of Your Surroundings...


Hi Everyone-

Today's images were shot on our recent family trip to Walt Disney World. More specifically they were shot in Disney's Animal Kingdom.

While we walked through the Dinoland section of the park I noticed this orange and green wall that seemed to go with the clothes that Cree had on that day. She was really ready to keep moving so I was only able to get one shot off while she was fully engaged with me. Then she gave me the I'm done look and walked away.


Later on in the day while we were walking around in the Asia themed area of the park I noticed a very cool wall outside of the restrooms. Conveniently for us it had a bench built in. So we stopped and played around for a few minutes and got the images of Tonya and I with Cree.



One thing that I always try to do when we are traveling or even out and about in our own area is to look for cool backgrounds and textures that I can incorporate into fun images of the family.

Have a great day!!


Jameson Abart said...

Fantastic! I have a shot of my daughter in front of the exact same wall when we visited Disney back in Sept.

Barry Armer said...

Great shots Brian! You guys look like you were having a blast which, I guess, is how you're supposed to look at Disney! :-)


Larry J. Patrick said...

I think my favorite is the first one of Cree. The framing and lighting really sets her off beautifully.