#614 Change On The Horizon...


Hi everyone-

After a few months of thinking about it, working on it, and thinking about it some more and then a little more working on it. I have finally started the process of creating a whole new web presence for Brian Bastinelli Photography.

The process has been started but of course is being held up by domain transfer, who would have thought that would be a problem (again)... Anyway as soon that fiasco is taken care of I'll really get moving on this and hopefully within a week or so we'll be ready for the big reveal.

In the mean time I'll continue to post and then this site will remain to redirect traffic to the new location.

Today I wanted to tell you all about a great photography workshop that my friend Bryan Allen is offering. The workshop is called Location People and it is one of the best learning and shooting experiences available for your photography dollar.

I took both Location People I and Location People II but the new class is being streamlined into a longer more intense offering called Location People.

All of the links you need to find out more are listed below as well as a few videos that will give you a feel for this great experience. Jameson Abart and Jerit Abart shot these great videos during the last Location People II workshop in Knoxville, TN.

Check them out and feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. As I said it's a great experience and Bryan is a fantastic instructor and person. If you enjoy shooting people and you like both location and lighting concepts this is for you.

Here is the info on where to register for the Location People workshop:




Here are the videos:

Workshop Teaser Video

Workshop Feature Video

Interview with Bryan Allen Lead Instructor

Interview with Brian Bastinelli

Interview with Usha Vedula

Click on IMAGES FROM THE WORKSHOP in the lower right corner of the linked page to see some of the great images that participants created during the week.