The Legend of Schwabacher's Landing


Hi everybody--

Today's image is one of my recent favorites. It wasn't shot recently however. I have decided to revisit some of my older files and see what I can come up with. This image was shot in October of 2005 just prior to sunrise.

I called it The Legend of Schwabacher's Landing for a couple of reasons. First is it has a Legend of Sleepy Hollow feel to it. When I say that I am referring to the movie staring Johhny Depp (who incidentally is one of my favorite actors).

The movie has fantastic cinematography and has a spooky cold gloomy feel to it. I love it. I enjoyed the movie but I enjoyed the treatment of the film even more.

The second reason I selected this name is due to the lack of history I could dig up on the name Schwabacher's Landing. I am assuming the name may have come from a land owner back in the day but I could find nothing to corroborate that thought. As a matter of fact I found nothing at all.

So the legend of Schwabacher's Landing can be what ever you imagine it to be. In many photographs it might be a magical place where beauty and nature abound. In this image it may be the edge of a dark and treacherous woods that lead to a magical land beyond...


Chuck said...

The Johnny Depp comment was very Brad (Sorry, I mean Gay!).

pnfphotography said...

This has a great mood to it dark and beautiful all at the same time.

Kim said...

This is absolutely gorgeous Brian! Definitely one to "print, frame and hang"!

Nick said...

Great spot for a sunrise!