Blanco Diablo...


Over at the we have been posting and discussing images shot with the Lensbaby lens. So I was going through some images shot back in the fall of 06 and I came across this one that was also shot with the Lensbaby.

I named the image Blanco Diablo after an Assiniboine legend, The Legend of the White Horse Plains. If your interested you can read the brief story of the legend at the link below.

The Legend of the White Horse Plains


Ted Byrne said...

We have discussed the use of "air" in commercial/editorial/advertising image making.Yes, you have a perfect cover for the fantasy horse story you've suggested... But now you should play around with some text overlay. Study some covers and ads that you really like. See how they've placed the type and turn this into a cover, or a poster, or an introduction to a book/story/film/website... It's begging for the treatment... and the air's just hanging there... begging you to enter it.