Rythm Of The Street...


Hi everyone-

The entertainment on the streets of Savannah is varied, single performers and groups, music, art, craft, magic, comedy, and dancing.

One of the most entertaining was a group of young street dancers who performed nightly on River Street. 4 guys and a girl made up this group of dancers and musicians.

They relied on two members to create the rhythms on the drums while one or two others danced.

Their shows were great. But what impressed me most was the physical demands that this performance put on these kids.

The dancers were strong and able to support and balance themselves on one hand while spinning and dancing. The drummers where constantly in motion never missing a beat.

While so many of the performers you can find in Savannah are great I think this group of young drummers and dancers in one of the best.


Woody said...


As always great photographs!

I have decided to give blogging a try, Please feel free to check out my site sometime when you have a chance..


Bradley Myers said...

Brian, great photographs as usual from the master. It's to bad to get all the watchers and no comments, feed back is a good thing weather it be positive or negative to know when you are heading in the right directions and just to make you feel good about yourself and your work.

Good job again, and thanks for the photoshop lessons.

Brian Bastinelli said...

Hey guys-

Thanks for your feedback about the images.

Woody, Brad showed me the link the other day. I will definitely be checking out your posts.

Brad, thanks. I agree 100%. I know there are a lot of people who stop by and look at this site. I would love to hear from them!

It takes a lot of work to shoot and prepare the images for posting each day. I put at the very least one hour a day into that days post.

Feedback from the viewers would be great. I am always looking to hear what people think of what I am doing.

We would all rather hear the good stuff but the critical eye is just as important and is a huge part of art in general.

Discussions and feedback on the images do make you want to strive to go further and push your art in new directions.

No problem with the lessons young Luke...lol