A Day At The Ball Game...


Hi everyone-

Recently I attended my first York Revolution Independent League baseball game. It was an afternoon game and I attended with Chuck and Owen.

We had a great time and had super seats, although I don't think there is really a bad seat int he house. It is a very nice stadium.

Of course I brought along the camera and was shooting most of the game. Being an afternoon game there were many school groups in the stands. This particular group stood out not only because of their orange shirts but they also were one of the most animated groups in attendance.

I am looking through the several hundred other shots I took that day to see what else I like. If there is more I will post them.

I am really looking forward to going back to see more games.


Woody said...


Which camera do you use as your primary when you go out and shoot??

By the way, loved the latest photos on fire-ground from the York City Job.

What settings do you use to bring out that much detai?? I especially enjoyed photograph 4. That ranks up there with my all time favorite fire photos..

Bradley Myers said...

That fancy art work stuff really worked well with this photograph didn't it. Time to shoot some wildlife.

Nick said...

Great pano and processing. Is this using a Ps plugin call L... Art?