Cool Green Door...


Hi everyone-

Today's images were shot at the loading dock of an old factory here in York. As you pass by this place there isn't much to see. You may even pass right by without noticing the door.

But, when you use it with a photograph the door comes to life. It may take what might be an ordinary image or pose and turn it into something much better.

So take a moments to look around you and see what's there. There might be something that you pass by everyday or see when your driving around town. Use it in photograph and the textures and nuances create a different dimension to something that might be ordinary at another location.

Have a great day!


Gordon said...

the magenta and green work particularly well with each other - good colour pair

2sweetnsaxy said...

Wow, I really like these too. They're very artsy looking.

PNF Photography said...

I really like the backdrop the color and the expressive clothing...very well done!!!