#419-Playing With Light


Hi everyone-

While in Las Vegas we went over some cool alternative lighting sources and ways to light images. So while I was in my room I thought I would play around with my Surefire LED flashlight as a dramatic light source.

The main source of light for the shot however was the constantly changing external lights on the outside of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

The exposure was 25 seconds and the outside lights changed twice during that time. Also during the exposure I ran around the room lighting it with my flashlight. I think the results were pretty interesting. I think the colors in the room as well as the colors that were washing in from the outside definitely added a lot to the image.

On my first and last night in Vegas I went out and attempted to shoot as many of the old 'working' lighted signs as I could find in the downtown area. I love old Neon and tungsten light bulb signs and obviously Las vegas has some of the best!

Have a great day!



Larry J. Patrick said...

I like the dramatic lighting that you were able to obtain. The flow of the light takes what I would consider a ordinary image into one that has a lot of interest and flow. Good job.

Bradley Myers said...

The room shot came out great, but how did you pull it off without your assistant, LOL.

Barry Armer said...

I love the the effect you achieved with the flashlight in your hotel room! I guessing it was probably a pretty fun experiment as well!

Well done!

Woody said...

Awesome photo of the room..