#429 Discovering New Light...


Hi everyone-

Hope you are all having a great Friday! I am really excited for the weekend to arrive because it's the first in a long time that we do not have any plans. How nice it'll be to catch up on things around the house and just hang out with the family.

Today's images are the final shots from the bridal shoot I did in Atlantic City this past weekend. I wanted to try out some new skills I learned from John Michael Cooper last month in Las Vegas.

This is a single flash multiple exposure technique that John has been using quite successfully. In the end it creates a very cool somewhat surreal look. This shot is actually a compilation of 16 different images that I shot while exposing different parts of the scene with the flash. The best parts were then blended together in Photoshop. After that a little more post and ta-da a cool new image.


The other cool part about creating shots this way is it can be done at any time of the day and under any lighting conditions. The next image was shot as we were setting up for the main photograph. I wanted to get an idea of the composition and get the set up correct before we started shooting. and of course Beth was standing in 30 degree temperatures and wind so she wanted me to get it right the first time too.

As I was downloading images I found the next shot and thought I would post it so you could have a reference for the time of day and lighting conditions when we were shooting.

These are a lot of fun and I hope to be shooting more over the next few weeks.

Have a great day!



Chuck said...

30 degrees? No wonder she has such an expression on her face!

I hope you paid her well!

Barry Armer said...

Interesting technique and great results Brian!

What's the trick here? Really small aperature with really bright flash? ND filter(s)? Both? Other?


Jan Klier said...

Very cool. Your lighting technique is becoming quite exquisite.


Woody said...

Learned something new..Great Photos!