#442 Spring Is In The Air


Hi everyone-

After having a nice weekend weather wise yesterday morning i got and got dressed for the gym (shots and t-shirt) and thought it won't be too bad for the ride over and back. Boy was I surprised when I walked outside. Just a little chillier than I had anticipated.

With the time change and it being light out until nearly 8pm I am really looking for spring temperatures to get here. I love the winter but I really like spring and fall when we're in the upper 60's to upper 70's. For me it's hands down the best part of the year.

Spring is also great because things start to green up, and the world kind of resets its self. I know I can not wait to get outside and get working on the yard and house.

And I as reminded this weekend at Owen's party of how much fun we'll have outside this year with the kids as they get just a bit older. I can't wait!!


What's birthday party with out some great food! These guys were chowing down and talking away. I love listening to these conversations, they are too funny!


A little under the weather, Cree didn't stray to far from mommy but still had a fun time.


One of the best parts of the day was watching the kids reactions when the fire truck arrived. They were, surprised, shocked and excited beyond belief. Immediately Owen said, "I want put on my police uniform!" Here's officer Owen ready for patrol.

Have a great day!


Larry J. Patrick said...

Cree is about the same age as my grand daughter and I can see her (like my Chloe) getting a little more "big girl" in each of your photographs of her. It is just the way they look that tells you that something is going-on inside their head. Nice job.

Chuck said...

Nice Pictures of the kids. If Owen had a cup of coffee he would look like a real police officer at a fire call. Leaning on the fire truck drinking coffee.