#468 What's Up With This Weather!?!


Hi everyone-

Wow what a difference a day makes, Tuesday 90+ and then Wednesday and today 60's. Believe me I am happy to be back in the 60's. Humidity is not my friend.

But hey it could be worse. Got work from my cousins in Montana, they had 3 feet of snow and were looking at at least 10 more inches. They said there are reports that in Browning Montana about 80 miles north of them they have snow to the eves of some houses!!!!!!

I'm heading out there in two weeks but I'm sure it will be gone by then, I really wish I could go now. I love a good blizzard!!!

So today's photos are a continuation of the shoot I did with Kyler in Pittsburgh the weekend before last. It was fun chasing him around the yard trying to get a good shot. He's constantly on the move to not only was it fun but good exercise as well.

Since several people commented or emailed about the 50's look I decided to try another that way. I'd love to hear what you think.

Have a great day!!!




dalisa cooper said...

What a doll! And I love the processing!