#476 Rapunzel, Rapunzel.....


Hi everyone-

As we walked around the fire training school grounds I got an idea...

Since Scott is a firefighter and we were shooting some images of him and Carolyn around the drill tower, why not set up a little rescue scenario. There was definitely more laughing that rescuing going on but it was a lot of fun.


While we did that Pebbles the Wonder Dog found a friend...


After we wrapped it up at the fire training center we moved on to John Rudy County Park where Scotty and Carolyn shared some nice quiet moments walking around the park.



Have a great day!


Cindi said...

What a great series! The last one where they are kissing and the dog is between them has to be my favorite but ALL the ones with Pebbles are wonderful! Are you shooting the wedding?

Larry J. Patrick said...

Good use of Pepples in the images. I sometimes think that our dogs may be more a part of our family than I am. You have done a really fine job with the pose of all your subjects in the various photos. Good work, again.