#500 - Milestone's and Greasy Grass


Hi everyone-

Today's post is a big one albeit a bit late for you guys on the east coast. We have some internet access issues right now that are causing me to seek out some wifi hot spots for access. So I am writing to you today from the sidewalk in front of the Choteau, MT Public Library.

It's not a bad spot to post from. The temps are in the mid 60's and town is starting to come alive. I am adjacent to the Teton County Court House which is a very cool old building sitting in the center of a circle that divides Main Street. I have been told but have no way of confirming that my grandfather is one of the men who planted the huge pine trees that dot the outline of the circle.

So today's post is a big one for me. It is my 500th post on this blog. Going into this blog project I wasn't sure what it would be like or what would come of it at all. So to make it to this point is pretty a pretty cool accomplishment I believe. I have been posting for almost 2 full years.

During the process I have meet and talked to many great folks from around the world and have struck up friendships that will last for many years to come.

Thank you to everyone who stops by each day, weekly or whenever you get a chance. Your viewership, support, feedback and friendship have made the work that goes into this blog worth every second.

I hope to continue the blog for many years to come. I have some plans for some upcoming changes that I think will improve the viewing and reading experience. But dont expect any of that until at least August. There is to much to be out seeing and photographing for the next month or so to be stuck inside re creating my blog...lol

So again thanks to everyone for everything. I really have enjoyed your company here.\

On to to today's images. We have been traveling around South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana for the last week all to take up some time before visiting the Little Bighorn National Monument and attending the Battle of the Little Bighorn re enactment near Hardin, MT.

Well we arrived just in time for the re enactment to begin. It was a great show as not only did they re enact the battle but created a narrated living history of the events leading up to that fateful day. From Lewis and Clark through the battle of the Greasy Grass and the Souix called it all the events played out before us.

I highly recomend checking out this re enactment. After is was over we went to the real battle field where we learned there was also another reenactmant that takes place in the area. So we will definitely be back to check out that as well. In a futur post I will provide some more information as to websites or numbers that you can get additional information if you want to.

These images are just a few of the many I shot during the show.

Have a great day!!






Andreas said...

Congratulations! I love the images and the treatment. To the next 500! Cheers!

Larry J. Patrick said...

These shots remind me of the work of Edwin Curtis who, to me, is one of the greatest photographers of all time!

I like how you post processing. It makes me think of how photographs were presented at the turn of the last century, which seems to bit your subjects very well.

Really nice work.