#502- Grizzlies, Guns and Gotchya's...


Hi everyone-

Wow what an exciting day yesterday was here in Choteau, MT. This is a normally quiet town with a population of somewhere over 1,000 people.

Well just after noon 15 agencies worth of Law Enforcement swooped into town conducting simultaneous raids on a drug operation they had been investigating for several years.

They conducted raids in two towns and the county. Interestingly one of the arrests happen to take place less than a block from our house. One of the suspects happened to be driving down main street when they law caught up with him. Out of an unmarked pickup jumped two officers, guns drawn. They quickly took him into custody and disappeared.

All the while a DHS helicopter with men hanging out the sides with automatic weapons hovered overhead.

The raids lasted about 2 hours. The helicopter circled overhead and occasionally seemed to swoop in low to block roads or escape routes for suspects.

At one point one of the helicopters took a path over our house and was just above the trees max height was 30-40 feet over the house. We were outside and had to quickly retreat into the house to avoid the debris what was blowing all over. The kids strollers were outside and were picked up and blown to the neighbors yard. Tree branches were blown down and dust was every where.

This caused quite a stir in this normally quite town. Here are a few pics of when they were hovering over the house at a bit higher altitude.




So I did have a regular post set up for today. But I thought the action deserved to be posted right away. I had about 5 shots of a Grizzly that I had shot in Yellowstone ready. I am going to save most of them for another day but I still wanted to share one today.

This guy was about a 1/4 mile from where I shot the wolf images and taken about 15 minutes later. He had just emerged from the river and was heading up into the hills for the day.


Have a great day!


Larry J. Patrick said...

The bear has the same look on his face that I often have: "Now, where was I going?"

Good nature scene.

Barry Armer said...

Cool shots of the police action Brian! This is what I imagine it will look like one day when Obama comes to my house to collect more taxes! :-)

Really nice and interesting shot of the bear as well!

Well done!