#542- Fall is on it's way!


Hi everyone-

We'll fall is almost here. I got a taste of a little crispness in the air this past week and I can not wait for it to arrive. I am certain it's coming after this last week when of course I got a sinus infection. Thats one of the best ways to tell a change is on it's way! (not that I like having them)

So I have been looking back through some old images while my mind wonders to past trips to Yellowstone, the Teton's and Montana t what I think is the nest time if the year.

Today's image is from Oxbow Bend in Grand Teton National Park. I hope you enjoy it!

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Have a great day!



Gwendolyn said...

Amazing! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Your pics are very inspiring.

Amanda said...

Incredible!!! it looks very serene, and I love the reflection in the water

Louise said...

This incredible capture looks very much like autumn. I can almost feel the crispness of the air there.

Texas Travelers said...

Great photo as usual.
Love the colors and perfect exposure.


eileeninmd said...

Gorgeous photo, Brian! I always have loved your photos.