#545- The Capital March


Hi everyone-

Here area few more images from the march on the PA Capital we did yesterday to help defeat HB-1828 and save our pension plans.

The pressure that is being put on the Representatives is working. They cancelled yesterdays session, likely to avoid being at the Capital at the same time as us. Also our leaders are actively meeting with Representatives and staff many of who they were never previously able to get meetings with.

I was in contact with Rep. Eugene DePasquale from the 95th district (where I live) and he assured me that he is voting NO and will do what it takes to defeat the bill. He said "Please know that I will vote against House Bill 1828 in its current form. Trying to help Philadelphia should not be an excuse to attack the pensions of our police and fire fighters."

The vote was delayed due to the canceling of the session yesterday so please continue to contact your Representatives and urge them to VOTE NO on HB-1828.

You can find your representative by looking here:----> Pennsylvania General Assembly

Have a great day!


Pennsylvania Professional Firefighters Association President Art Martynuska speaking on the steps of the Capital.


Pittsburgh Firefighters Local 1 president Joseph King speaking to firefighters on the Capital steps.



And oh ya, Pennsylvania STILL doesn't have a budget passed. The only State in the country to still not have a budget.


Larry J. Patrick said...

Outstanding use of your photographing and post processing skills to help affect change that you feel is needed. The photographs you presented bring a human side to an issue. Good job.

Barry Armer said...

Ditto Patrick's comments!