Well it's been 8 years since the fabric of this nations security blanket was torn. 8 years since thousand of people died horrible deaths at the hands of cowardly bastards.

8 years since our nation came together to rise from the ashes of a great disaster showing the world why we are the greatest county in the world. United we stood, brought together by great adversity and heartbreak. But we did it we propped each other up got through it and got back to business being the UNITED SATES OF AMERICA.

But now its 8 years later and the memories have started to fade for most people. There are children old enough to be learning about September 11th in school that were not alive on that day. The patriotism has faded, the flags have disappeared. And as a country we're being lulled back to sleep by time, complacency and the natural urge to put out of our mind those things that scare us or upset us the most.

Well there are thousands and thousands of people who will never forget that day. No matter how hard they try. Nothing will put the events of that day out of their minds because they either experienced it, or lost someone close to them on that day or dealt with the aftermath for months.

They cant forget no matter how hard they try. For them time and distance from those events can only offer slight comfort as the sting all to slowly wears away.

But we can not let go of the events of that day. It is that complacency, the false sense of security, the carefree lifestyles that we live that made these attacks so shocking, outrageous, and bite so hard. We never saw it coming.

America has done a lot to change the way we look at the world, change the way we protect ourselves and to hopefully prevent something from happening again.

Strong defense, STRONGER intelligence and a more proactive stance has helped to keep us safe. But to truly be safe, we can not forget. We can not be lulled back to sleep under the blanket of security that we think is there. Be vigilant, support those who want to protect our country in common sense ways and most of all NEVER FORGET WHAT THEY DID TO US, NEVER FORGET HOW YOU FELT THAT MORNING WHEN YOU WATCHED IT UNFOLD IN FRONT OF YOU.

DON'T LET THOSE LIVES LOST THAT DAY OR IN THE DAYS SINCE BE IN VAIN. Please take some time to watch these videos.

For those who we lost due to these events, Rest In Peace...I will not forget you.


Larry J. Patrick said...

Good post at the right time.

Barry Armer said...

Thanks Brian!

There are "cowardly bastards" among us who would be happy if we all forgot what the 911 "cowardly bastards" did! Thanks for not letting them get away with it!