#549 The Fair's In Town...


Hi everyone-

Last night we spent the evening at the Great York Interstate Fair. We had a good time. We saw some live music, had a steak sandwich from the York Firefighters, checked out some animals, and road some rides.

Cree was especially excited. She had driven past the fair a few times with Tonya and was really ready to get there. Her hands down favorite was this "ride" where you get in a harness and your attached to rubber bands and you can jump and bounce and flip. She LOVED it. Although she wouldn't flip, she said she was too little for that yet.

I think the highlight for Tonya was when Cree and I were looking at the dairy cows and we were petting one on the nose and she sneezed all over me. Good times.

Have a Great Day!






Barry Armer said...

Great family photos Brian!

I've said before that Cree will be lucky to have such an extraordinary childhood photo album when she grows up!

Nice composition and post-processing!