#562 The Inevitable Has Arrived...


Hi everyone-

Well the day I have been kinda not looking forward to has arrived. Today I go back to work at the FD. I have been off since the middle of September and it has been GREAT! But all good things come to an end I suppose...

So I thought this series of images would go along good with today, it's kind of how I feel. :0)

These images are of Alec Johnson, a fantastic photographer and all around amazing person. I am so glad that I finally got to meet him, learn from him, shoot with him and just hang out. I had a great time.

I'm sure he is going to be thrilled with these images (lol) but I thought the series was pretty cool. They were shot against a white backdrop and were lit with a ring flash and a big octabox.

The ring flash was the key light and was directly facing Alec at the same height as his head. The octabox was slightly camera left and higher than Alec with a downward angle to help fill in any shadow that was created by the ring light.

Then of course a few texture layers were added to add to the interesting vibe of these images.

Have a great day!






Jan Klier said...

Great series. Both the ring light and your treatment bring out character in the image which I think describes Alec's presence in a room very well.

I remember your setup for that, and now thinking of it, it's interesting how it works. The ring light has two effects: it really enhances the edges in a face (very evident) and it creates a halo of the person in the background. That halo is something that folks love or hate. Your fill removes the halo, which I think works great. I'm just wondering whether placing the fill behind your subject would have been better to avoid the fill undoing the ring light effect in the face.

Anyway, super cool images!

Barry Armer said...

Outstanding Brian! I really like the gestures you caputred and the high contrast post-processing you did on these images!

This series of photos has real impact!

Well done!

Anonymous said...

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