#573 Fresh Little Chicken!


Hi everyone-

Earlier this week our friends Chuck and Abi had a visit from the stork. Camryn Elizabeth was born on Monday the 9th.

She is just super cute!

I had the chance to stop by the hospital on Wednesday and catch a few shots. She has black hair and blue, blue eyes.

And did I mention she is super cute?

Here's a few shots from that day....

Congratulations Abi and Chuck... Oh and by the way Chuck, I can't wait until we are screening boyfriends for her and Cree... Um actually I think I can wait!






Doug Haass said...

Number 3 is a hoot. What a batch of cute shots!

Chuck said...

Yeah I can wait for that!!!

The lady at the Dr. office said I would be beating the boys away with a bat when she's older!

Brian Bastinelli said...

Bat, shotgun, whatever works....