#576 Cutie Pie


Hi everyone-

Last night we went to the mall to pick up Cree's Christmas dress. We decided to walk around a little bit and show Cree where Santa will sitting.

Well much to our surprise and even more to Cree's Santa was already there. When Tonya said oh look he's here Cree said "HE"S HERE!?!" and got real close to mommy.

It was pretty funny. So we walked up and talked to him for a while. Cree was completely silent while daddy and Santa had a great conversation about Christmas and Disney World and what time if year is best in Florida. Who new that Santa winters in FLA!

So in the end Cree got a coloring book and said she would like to come back. So I guess we'll try a few more times and eventually I think she'll go for a picture with him.

As soon as we walked away, just as Santa predicted, she was back to her normal self laughing at the reindeer and snowmen.

Have a great day!




Doug Haass said...

Great job capturing such wonderful expressions Brian.

Woody said...

She is a cutie Brian. I was looking at your blog the other day and can't believe how big she has gotten. Time does fly by!

Bryan Allen said...

Awesome shots BB. Love the point of view and perspective. Love the back story. So funny how some kids love Santa and some are scared to death of him. I suspect this will be the breakthrough year for you guys!