#578 Capital Fleet


Hi everyone-

A few months ago I had the opportunity to photograph the front line apparatus of the Harrisburg Bureau of Fire in front of the Pennsylvania Capital Building.

We shot on a beautiful early fall Sunday. The weather was perfect and we were not interrupted by any calls.

After shooting the entire fleet together I shot each of the apparatus alone in front of the Capital. The whole shoot took just over an hour.

This image was composited from 7 images shot vertically of the apparatus. There are two versions of the image and I'm not sure which I like better, I'd love to hear what you think....

Have a great day!




Doug Haass said...

They both look good, but I think I'm leaning towards the B&W version more. It seems more natural to me for some reason or another. Nice job either way you go.

Woody said...


I like the look of both but I am going to go with the color photo as my favorite.

Gwendolyn said...

I like them both, but I think I like the color better. There isn't so much color that it distracts you from the fire trucks. Great composition.

Larry said...

Firetrucks are red! I vote for the color shot. Great job.

Steve Schuenke said...

Color for me too. Nice job.

Bryan Allen said...

It's the color for me too. Red is just too powerful in general and iconic in this context!

Barry Armer said...

Go red or go home! :-)


iceman4350 said...

Awesome Job Brian!
My Vote would have to be the colored version, the colors are amazing!