#597 BB King Blues Club House Band


Hi everyone-

Another quick post today cause there are more things to do than hours to do them....

These images were shot in Nashville at the DWF party last Sunday night. The band is the BB King Blues Club house band. We were originally scheduled to be there but a 30 inch water main break out front changed that plan.

The event was moved to a different venue but the band came a long which was very cool. They were awesome!

Have a great day!!!




Haney said...
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Haney said...

Saw a guy that looked just like you on TV last nighht. Good work.

Brian Bastinelli said...

Ha... Thanks Haney!

Woody said...

Brian, Congrats on the grab at the job yesterday!

Sorry this is late, I had Surgery yesterday and just got released this morning..

Good Photos also!