Cabin, Near Choteau, Mont....


This cabin is located far out on the prairie north east of Choteau, Montana. There isn't another building in site from this spot. Actually, the only thing of any size you can see beyond this building is the Rocky Mountains rising to the west.

What an amazing site it must have been to see these mountians for the first time. Amazing and daunting at the same time because for many who were seeing them for the first time would also be attempting to cross them.

I really like to drive the county dirt roads throughout Montana because you never know what you will find. Many times it is nothing, sometimes a neat old building, and occasionally a point of important historical significance.

Even if you don't find anything to drive through the vast openess of this land and know that you could go on for days on the same dirt raods and see the same openess with skys that go on forever is somethign special.


Nick said...

Very nice. I think you have figured out this old photography thing. Did you think of it when you took the shot? And what do you think the building looked like years ago when we would be making images like that?

Bradley Myers said...

Yes Brian it appears you have figured it out since last tour. You did a wonderful job with this one. I guess a little IOD is good for the post processing. Makes me wish I had found that stairwell. See ya later.

Brian Bastinelli said...

Thanks guys.

Nick, I took this shot in 2000 or 2001 on Velvia slide film. I printed it with a sepia finish and it has been one of my more successful images.

At the time I didn't consider this effect. But when I started playing with this process I figured it would be perfect.

It's cool that you asked about the image back then. We looked inside the cabin and it was obviously somones home or home away from home. There was a stove and some other items in it.

So I can see somke coming out of the chimney. Maybe a fence with some horses tied to it. Possibly a corral with sheep in it. Maybe a water trough or a windmill.

I really wish I knew because where it is located you had to really want to be there back then. It was probably a full day or even two day trip to town.

I will look for an interior image, I think I might have taken one.


Thanks. Ya, when all you have is time to stare out the window you can spend a lot more time trying this stuff out.

Plus I have slowed down a bit and am actually reading some of that stuff we had printed.

What do ya know, the directions can actually teach you

Kim said...

Great choice of processing on this shot Brian. I too wonder about the history of the cabin. If only the walls could talk...