Monument Valley, Ariz....


Hi everyone--

Today's image is going to wrap up the aged images for a while. I have a few other images in mind for the next few days and some other things I would like to try out.

This image was posted a few weeks ago as the straight sepia tone. This one as had the aging effect and some bordering added to it. Hope you like...

On another note today is MRI day for the hip. Hopefully I'll get some follow up info. My appointment with the doc isn't till the 4th though so we'll see. I am feeling a bit better but still have a good deal of soreness in the area. And the more I am up on it the more it hurts.

Thanks for the emails and calls!


Nick said...

Well done. Good luck with MRI and hip. No fun!

pnfphotography said...

In the past month I have seen so many beautiful images from this area I really feel I must go see it someday!! Once again nice post treatment gives an old world feel to the image in my eye.

Ted Byrne said...

First... hope you are recuping well.

Secondly... this series is spectacular. I last checked in here the day before you began to unveil. And a couple of days before your job bit you... OUCH!

The work on your site is so different from your firefighter series. And so much more complex. The challenge to create an ancient look is impressive - your success with it is more.

The mystical sense of something you've revealed is haunting. This is a seriously significant work Brian. It's simultaneously intriguing and moving. You need to get a single room to display them all together so that we can wander among them. I'm thinking of a virtual room of course.

Congratulations... it's an exciting show.