Battle For Dominance...


Once the bulls lock up, the battle will continue until one proves his dominance buy out fighting or injuring the other.

The injuries can be as minor as cuts or scrapes up to more serious and death.
Often the bulls will break tines off of there racks during battle.

In the fight the is shown in this weeks images the less dominant bull sustained a serious eye injury which more then likely meant the loss of that eye.

While in Yellowstone this fall I encountered two bulls that were killed by rut related fighting. And one had it's neck broke and the other suffered internal injuries from being run through by the other bulls antler.

Another potential problem with these injuries is infection which can also claim a bull's life days or weeks after suffering the wound.


Nick said...

Lots of good drama going onhere. NIce moment.

pnfphotography said...

These are WONDERFUL what wild action and so natural...amazing to have shot I am sure to even witness this is a treat. Beautiful work keep 'em coming.