Hold Your Breath...


As the battle continued it became very apparent that these bulls were playing for keeps.

With each passing moment the intensity of the fight increased. I could not stop shooting. In the end I have many frames that aren't that great but I caught a few that I am really happy with.

Today's is an image that initially I passed over a few times. But in the context of telling the story of this battle it became much more important.

Here the bull controlling this fight hold the the others head under the water for what seemed to be forever. So now add to the potential causes of death from this fight...drowning.

That wasn't to be the case in this battle and tomorrow it will continue...

To expand on a point from above, I have realized that not all animal behavior makes for the best portraits in the true sense of the word. Images that don't show the animal standing there looking at you but rather show them being themselves in their environment are just as important, if not more, to telling their story.


Nick said...

Nice action!