Road To Nowhere...


Today's image was shot west of Choteau, MT along the Rocky Mountain front. This is one of the most beautiful places in Montana.

Here mountains rise up from the prairie forming a rampart of granite for miles in both directions.

But just east of where these majestic mountains rise there is a small area of land that offers an incling of whats to come. The foothills of the front. This can be a desolate area as depicted in this image but at the same time it is a beautiful Eco system all to it's own.

Just to the left of where this image was taken is the Pine Butte Preserve. It is a swampy area adjacent to a pine covered butte. The area is home to coyotes, deer, elk, beaver, grizzlies, eagles and many more species of animals.

This road, known as The Belview Road, is a long and desolate stretch of gravel road that leads you back to Choteau. It is also the home to Egg Mountain, a site that has produced some of the most important information of dinosaur habits to date.

If your interested, here is a link to a site that gives a good synopsis of Egg Mountain's history. (I couldn't make the link work so you'll have to copy and paste it)


Kim said...

I look at this and think of the song "Long and Winding Road". Wonderful shot Brian!