Tatanka Yotanka...


Hi everyone. Here's an image that I came across from my trip in October that I had forgotten about. So tonight I thought I would give it a little attention.

It's interesting, well at least to me, because I think that the story of the bison parallels that of the American Indian in so many ways. Which is why I named it Tatanka Yotanka.

If you look back through history the bison once roamed free on the high plains of America. But over time, they were found to be valuable, not for the survival of a people but for their hides.

As well they got in the way of westward expansion and they were systematically hunted and slaughtered to the brink of extinction.

Over time people began to realize the error of history and the bison was slowly allowed to make a comeback albeit limited to certain designated areas. It would never really be allowed to roam free as it once had.

And it's resurgence and management as well as peoples support of or disdain for the bison has created controversy at many levels.

And all of those years the bison just wanted to exist and live it's life...

Sound familiar?


Nick said...

Very well done. I like what you have done here.

Kim said...

Fabulous image of a magnificent animal. I love how you've processed this one Brian.

pnfphotography said...

just impressive and a treat to go thru your work...you have a unique style and work process that really is fabulous !!