Today's image is another one that haunts me. I love it yet I can't seem to leave it alone.

I have created several versions of it from a straight forward pretty much as it was shot image to the one you see here.

I can't seem to come to a conclusion on which I like the best, however I am leaning toward this one. I like the cool rugged feel of the image. I think it offers me more to contemplate.

I am open for other interpretations as well as any comments as always...


pnfphotography said...

I love it too...what wonderful amazing evergreens and the waterfall is such an added bonus....amazing

Nick said...


I understand what you mean. Love the motion in the water and the evergreens. It does however feel out of balance. I tend to look at the water fall first, but I keep trying to see the rest of the image, but keep coming back to the waterfall. No suggestions. Ask Craig.