Aspens, Beartooth Wilderness, WY


Hi everyone--

I must apologize for today's image. I am not overly thrilled with it but I was quite tired and didn't really feel that great this evening.

I know that's not your problem but I am not sure that I put my all into this image. I know what I wanted to do with it and I am not sure that I is what I would like it to be.

Some days are better than others I suppose so it is what it is...

I shot this image about 10 minutes before yesterday's and just down the road. If you ever get a chance to travel the Beartooth Highway from Red Lodge, MT to Cook City, MT it is well worth the trip. It is some of the most spectacular alpine driving in the country. Just make sure you plan well because it is often closed for periods of time due to snow and it is closed from October to March or April for winter as well.


Nick said...

I really like the composition and flow, but it feels like it either needs more or less colors.

Ted Byrne said...

I've noticed something odd Brian. It is not unusual that images that I am most ambiguous about invite much of the most intense reaction from people I respect.

Why is that?

I bring that up because i really like this image. The way that the puffy trees dapple across the texture of the almost monochromatic landscape is startlingly attractive. Plus you have sharpened them so that they reinforce a sense of depth... no of height... I mean that they seem to pop off of the plane. Plus the way they swirl across the frame is just a hair less than forced.. than planned... than orderly.

It's a hanger Brian... An image that I'd like to return to a lot.