The Weight of Time...


The weight of time bares down on all things. Some of you may know why today's post is timely. Others, well you'll have to figure that out.

The weight of time can takes it's toll on all things as it did for the mill that housed this interesting scale. For nearly a hundred years the York Narrow Fabrics Mill operated on Grantley Road in Spring Garden Township, York County, PA.

I lived adjacent to this mill for several years and passed by daily. But I never really paid much attention. One day though I noticed they seemed to be cleaning the place out. There was some very interesting pieces of furniture and other odds and ends that were being offered for free.

Unable to avoid a bargain I had to check it out. I made off with several items that I am sure I didn't need. Before I got away with my loot I had the opportunity to poke around a bit inside.

What I discovered was amazing. Here all but in my backyard was an operation that was largely unchanged for almost a hundred years. Walking through the door of the mill was like walking back through time.

I just wish I had done it sooner as much of the facility was being dismantled. I knew right away that I had to come back and photograph this dying piece of history before it was gone forever.

Over the next few days I'll take a look back at what once was...


chris chisu said...

Nice pictures.You certainly spend a lot of time in the wild west.