Would You Like To Play A Game?


So this image is somewhat out of the ordinary for me. On occasion at work I get to places that are interesting or that many people don't get to see.

I often carry a camera at a work decided that this room had a strange feel to it and might work out well for a shot.

It was the an abandoned portion of a building. Pretty much the previous occupants had walked out. It was dimly lit overall. But in the back room where the brightest light can be seen it was bright and well lit.

What I found interesting in this room was old medical equipment and tables left by the previous occupants. The building and the rooms began to develop a SAW series feel to them which was kinda creepy.

For those of you who are not familiar the Saw series of movies are a phsycological thriller/horror style movie that is pretty popular. These movies make you nervous that there are 'normal' people out there thinking this stuff up and making these movies.

The room just has the feel of these movies to it. So since SAW IV comes out on DVD Tuesday I thought this images would be appropriate.


Nick said...

Back to the dark side.

Bradley Myers said...

Very nice Brian, you should do yourself a favor and change professions, you would be much happier. Not trying to kick you out, but remember I only have 5 years and one month to go as of today.

Thomas said...

Creepy, moody, desolate... That's great, I really enjoy the photo.

With only the (obvious) drawback, that there might not be that many places where one could put it up on a wall. Might darken the mood of a room a bit... ;)