Grain Silo, Choteau, MT...


Just off the center of town in Choteau is a series of grain silos that run along the railroad tracks. Just across the street in one direction is the supermarket. Across the other street is the towns community center.

The reason I explain this is because have have photographed this silo on two occasions. Once when I exited the supermarket and the sun was glowing down upon the silo and attached buildings with a thunderstorm in the background. The other is today's image.

I was attending a wedding last summer at the community building when we went outside to leave for the evening and again the sun was glowing down upon these silos.

They are, at least in my eyes, one of the iconic images that can be made in the town of Choteau. They have been there for years (at least 35 that I know of) and with great regularity they glow a beautiful golden yellow.

The combination of their great texture as well as the textures of the surrounding structures makes this a spot that I will return to time and time again as they never quite look exactly as they did the last time.