Sunrise, Sequoia National Park


Hi everyone--

Today's image comes after spending some time reflecting on the recent darkness creeping into my images. I have noticed it over the last few weeks and today it was also brought up by someone on the Radiant Vista.

It was a legitimate question that caused me to stop and spend a little time contemplating why many of my recent images have been infiltrated with an overall dark or moodiness.

So after doing so I decided to look around for something a little brighter. An image that might help bring me out of the funk I have been slipping into for the last month or so.

Not that I have not enjoyed the images that I have been creating because I have. I have been very happy with the results as of late. But seeing that there might be some negative influences causing me to darken images that were otherwise shot at bright and sunny times of the day was pretty compelling to me.

So you may see more dark images but you may see more images that area bit brighter and more descriptive of where I might want to be going.

However what I do here is truly a reflection of what is driving me at the time. Lately I have been kinda in a slump, trying to get back on track from my injury, having the process be much slower than I had hoped and being tired of not being able to be out there being who I am.

It is interesting that for the first time I as well as others have noticed that reflected in my work.

So on we go... Today's image was shot back in July in Sequoia National Park in California. A few friends of mine and I were there to see the area and spend a few days acclimatising before our attempt at climbing Mt. Whitney.

This is a beautiful park and I really hope to get back there sooner than later. I think that having a bit more time or possibly visiting at a different time of year would be cool.

On our last morning in the park we made it out for the sunrise on the parks northern side. It was well worth the early morning trip as it was quiet and peaceful through out this area. We dud not see others until well after the sun had risen and we were already on our way to Mt. Whitney.

Not so sound overly...I don't know mushy I guess, it was inspirational in the context of my trip. So I have decided to use this image to help inspire me to get out of the funk and move forward with what I am trying to do here.

It is time to push past what I have been doing and make a legitimate attempt at making something out of the time and effort I put into these images.

So we'll see how it goes. Feel free to let me know what you think along the way and to kick me in the pants when it's needed...

And thanks for being here to support me and my work. That really means the most to me.


Bradley Myers said...

Brian, do not worry about the darkness in your photos, I know I bring lots of sunshine and brightness into your life, LOL.

Nick said...

Great sky and love the detail in the foreground. Too much time around smoke?

pnfphotography said...

This is beautiful and one beautiful place I might add!!! I too shoot within my mood frames and have been taken back by that as well but it really is not something you do knowingly if that makes sense.