Clearing Storm, Beartooth Wilderness


Hi everyone--

Today's image was shot back in October of '06. I am unsure of the name of the lake in the image but I can tell you it was shot very near the top of Beartooth Pass on the Montana, Wyoming border.

We decided to take a quick trip up to Red Lodge for lunch from Yellowstone. We were lucky enough to get up there as a storm from the previous night was clearing. Also we were lucky that the pass was even open.

If you have never been to the Beartooth Wilderness I highly suggest you go. It is not far from the northeast entrance to Yellowstone and is defiantly worth the trip.
Make sure you check the conditions of the road and weather before you go. The pass closes often and you don't want to get stuck up there unless you have enough provisions and shelter for the

As of today I think I am going to go down to one weekend post for Saturday and Sunday. Viewership is always low on the weekend and I am slowly running out of images to post. There are still plenty but until I get out shooting again I have to slow it down a bit.


Anonymous said...


Those are Twin Lakes. Nice photo!

Jim Moore
Red Lodge, MT

Brian Bastinelli said...

Thanks Jim. I love it up there and I was so happy to get up there with some fresh snow. I was getting tired of seeing the sign in Yellowstone saying the pass was closed.

BTW, I love Red Lodge. I think its a great little town and I try to get there as often as possible.

pnfphotography said...

THIS IS ONE outstanding BW image!!! I am really into your landscape work this is very very nice. Landscapes are hard to really capture the essence of a landscape for me and you have done a most excellent job of it ...W O W