Velvet Skies...


Hi everyone-

Today's image was shot in the fall of '06 while in Grand Teton National Park. We had headed out in to this large meadow to shoot some Aspens that were at peak golden color. For about a quarter of a mile we walked with our backs to this scene.

Someone turned around and said something similar to "Holy Cow" look at that. We spent the next few minutes shooting this very interesting sky over the Teton Mountains.

The interesting 'cloud' formations are actually layers of smoke being carried through the valley from a near by controled fire.

I am not sure which image I like better. So I thought I would post them both and get your input, all comments are welcome.


Nick said...

Great sky. I like the way that in both images the mountains re there, but not the subject of the image.

Haney said...

I like the first. The meadow gives it depth and adds a better frame.

pnfphotography said...