Back in the Yard...


Hi all--

Yesterday was a busy day so we didn't get to shoot any new images of Cree as I had hoped. We did have a great day with my Aunt Linda and Aunt Cheryl who were in Harrisburg for the day.

So today's image was shot earlier in the week when it was really nice out, not that today wasn't.

For those of you who have been keeping track of my recovery from the injuries I recived when I fell today is a big day....BACK TO WORK! I wasn't sure it would ever get here.

There is still a bit of healing to do but if I keep up with the exercises that the fantastic crew at Orthopedic and Spine Specialists set out for me I think I will do just fine. I would really like to thank Dina, Pam, Miranda, Meg and Jen who were my therapists over the last few months. They really were great.

First of all they put up with me, so there has to be some kudos for that. Each day they worked with me, listened to me, guided me and motivated me.

I could not have asked for a more supportive and caring group of people to whip me back into shape.

Also thanks to everyone who has emailed, called or stopped buy and kept up with what was going on. I really appreciate it. I know it wasn't a long time but it was long enough believe me and you all were great.


pnfphotography said...

happy healing and DO NOT overdooooo!

Aaron said...

Congrats on the recovery and being able to get back to work! Glad to hear that. And also, as always, outstanding photos!

Ted Byrne said...

In a way, I hope neither you nor your crew get too, um, fired up when you get back. It's great to hear you've recovered Brian. The city will be a little safer this week.

Brian Bastinelli said...

Thanks everyone for the comments and well wishes.

Ted, we took it kinda easy this week. Only a few runs and nothing major to speak of. IT was a nice way to ease back into the swing of things.