Little Colorado...


Today's image was shot along the road that goes from the Grand Canyon east entrance to the Cameron Trading post.

If I remember correctly the canyon you see here is a side canyon to the Grand Canyon and it was carved by the Little Colorado River. It may have a name but I can not find it.

This view point is about 10 miles west of Cameron just as you reach the top of the long hill.

If you ever get to stop at Cameron Trading post it is a great little spot to get some food, hit the head and look for souvenirs from low end in the main store to very high end in the gallery across the courtyard. I think there is a hotel there area well.

The people are friendly and the products are of high quality.


Ted Byrne said...

Yeah, there's a mysterious stretch along there with those mini-canyons littering the seemingly flat countryside. Anywhere else each of them would be a massive attraction. I like it that you have decided to only hint at the depth of that cut... together with the portent of the sky this screams mystery, even vast danger.