What Weekends Are All About...


This weekend was a great example of what a weekend should be. It was spent almost entirely with the family and with no overwhelming purpose other than to visit, relax and enjoy each others company.

I happened to get some nice pics along the way. I am going to be posting them over the week with little stories to go along. For those of you who were enjoying the triptyc series I have more on the way!

So in the first image Cree was chillin' in her room with a good Sesame Street book. Nothing like a little Elmo to keep her attention.

On Sunday we took a little time to hit the Park. Everyone had a great time. Here mommy and Cree head down the slide.


Nick said...

Great colors and expressions.

pnfphotography said...

Wonderful color and the expressive face as she open the book really speaks to the magic of a good books and children - reading is a gift we give them. Excellent relaxing weekend it sounds! The kids sure grow up all too soon so enjoy every second!

Nikki said...

These are very nice! I like how you focus on Cree reading the book. Beautiful as always!!

grandyauntie said...

Just wondering why Aunt Linda gets top billing or did you save the best for last? Just checking!

Cree's a beauty, but I think I've mentioned that, oh, a thousand times!

PS . . .was I supposed to comment on the photography? Well done Brian! HUGS