They say that art mimics life, or something like that. Well if that's the case then today's image is right on.

It's weird how life can throw curve balls at you. Occasionally you can see them coming. But more times than not they manifest themselves in the most unlikely of places.

You can assume that your cruising along, that things are on track but then out of no where here comes the curve ball with a light as bright as a locomotive's bearing down upon you.

I think if you could take a snap shot of what was going on in your brain at that moment it might look something like this.

I think this image works as a triptyc because often in that moment you have different thoughts or emotions all existing in their own little worlds within your mind. Each filled with emotions, confusion, anger and despair running rampant.

Each leading you a different way, but non really giving you the answers you need to hear...


pnfphotography said...

OHHH I love the color the shapes this is FABULOUS - I really like this!!