Sequoia National Park...


Last summer some friends and I decided to climb Mt. Whitney. So we flew to Vegas spent two days there and then headed through Death Valley towards Mt. Whitney.

During planning we had decided it would be good to spend a few days at higher elevations to acclimatize. So we decided to head to Sequoia National Park. There we would be over 6000 ft and up to just over 7000 feet for a few days. We would follow that with a few jaunts to 10,000 before the climb.

When we looked at the map it didn't look to far from Lone Pine to Sequoia. Actually it was only 49 miles from Mt. Whitney to Sequoia. But there were no roads anywhere close. So we drove and drove and drove and then drove some more.

It was well worth the trip. Sequoia is definitely a park that I hope to return to. The trees have a way of making you understand your place in the world.

They remind me of a shirt that I got from Mission Playground. It shows a very little person looking up at a very tall tree. The quote next to them says, "significance is a matter of perspective."


Anonymous said...

Love your triptych of the trees. The texture you captured and the DOF is perfect. The quote from the
shirt "significance is a matter of perspective." is a great photographic theme.

pnfphotography said...

These are wonderful I love the greenness of these that moss is amazing. I go so long in between seeing or touching or smelling moss - what a nice batch of triptych you have created BRAVO!!!