On the Street...


HI everyone-

Although it has been a very busy few days so far here at the Fire Department Instructor's Conference in Indianapolis, I finally got a chance to get out and shoot some images.

This evening after dinner we walked around downtown for a while and shot some images with the new Lensbaby 3G lens. Since I will soon be attending the Radiant Vista's Street Portraiture work shop in Savanna Georgia with Craig Tanner and Marti Jeffers I thought it would be cool to shoot some stuff on the street.

So while I am here I am going to be posting some images from my walks on the streets of downtown Indianapolis. Today's image was shot of a street performer who was playing the guitar, harmonica and singing. he was kind enough to allow me to shoot a few shots.


Nick said...

Your Lensbaby works well her. Nice framing and colors.

Chuck said...

I hope this didn't cause you to miss America Idol!

Anonymous said...

B You missed a J O B today.