Sometimes Dinner Has To Wait...



One of the things that always seems to happen in the fire department is the call that comes in just as dinner hits the table. It's as if there is some way to track the progress of our dinner and when its ready they make the call to 911.

Not many outside the fire service ever get to experience the behind the scenes stuff in the fire department. So I thought I might create an image that tells the story of the dinner time call.

On another note I had the pleasure of speaking to several classes yesterday at the York Country Day School. I was invited to speak to the high school photography class as well a 5th grade class. I spoke to each for one period.

During that time I used a slide show of my images to talk the the high school students about composition, pre-visualization and creating an image that tells a story. I used some additional images to speak to the 5th grade students about good citizenship toward the earth, its inhabitants and the environment as well as the stories behind the images.

It was a lot of fun for me and I am looking forward to returning this Friday to speak to several more classes on similar topics. It was an honor to be asked to speak at the school and they were very kind to me throughout the day and I would like to thank them for the opportunity to share my work and stories with the students.


Nick said...

I like the collage. Does a great job of telling story. Glad you enjoyed the teaching.