Time Standing Still...


Hi everyone-

Sometimes I think about places that are used to hustle and bustle being empty, times when no one is there, lulls in the action.

I first thought about this when I took a shot of the firehouse apparatus bay one day when I walked to find the companies were out at a call. The trucks were gone but the firefighter's shoes were the only thing on the floor. It was as if time was standing still waiting for them to return.

Since that image I have thought about similar situations in places that are normally very busy. Today's image was shot at the train station in Harrisburg, PA. It was shot between trains. The crowds were gone as well as the trains. For a short period of time the building and the platforms took a rest.


Ted Byrne said...

What a movie quality you've captured here in a noir mood. The hard boiled detective will enter stage right, the blonde dame stage left. He in a fedora, she in a full skirted dress. And in the background I'm hearing Scott Hamilton building something painful on his tenor - something from the 40s.

pnfphotography said...

I love the mood here and all your BW work is exceptional