Where Was This Image Shot?


Hi everybody-

Today's image was shot at..... Well I'm not going to tell you. But I am sure that some of you could recognize the location of this little hut.

I shot the image with a Lensbaby 2.0 and then processed in the sepia tone and tin type treatment.

There is no prize for the person who gets it right, well maybe a attaboy but that's it.

So humor me and let me know if you know where we're at here...

Oh I almost forgot!!!! Happy Earth Day! I know some of you would be upset if I missed the opportunity to acknowledge Earth Day.

I have been trying to go green(er) for some time now, increased recycling, new more fuel efficient vehicles, less energy waisting, composting etc...

But I want to take a moment to acknowledge my friend Chuck who is also trying hard to make his life a bit more green. Just a few short years ago he would have never even entered into a conversation about being green so he has come a long way.

So good job Chuck and to everyone else who does their part, Happy Earth Day!


Nick said...

The wall has a western look. I'll guess Taos, NM

Brian Bastinelli said...

Well Nick you have the region correct but your a couple of hundred miles off.

Chuck said...

Thanks for the atta boy. You are have an impact it just takes a while for some of us to get it through our heads.

On another note, Since when is a Tacoma and a Tahoe fuel efficient vehicles? Maybe in comparison to other vehicles but overall I think a 97 Honda Civic with a 5 speed is more fuel efficeint than either of those. Or what about a Prius Hybrid? Or a motorcycle?

Brian Bastinelli said...

Well Chuck if more people listend to me more often the world would be a better place...lol

If you read what I said more closely you will note that I said 'more' fule efficient.

The Tacoma is way more efficient than the F150 was and the Tahoe is a Flex-Fuel engine allowing us to burn ethanol. The Tahoe also has a system allowing the engine to go from 8 to 4 cylinders when all 8 are not needed.

Its not a Prius or even a fancy silver 97 Honda Civic but its not a Ram with a Hemi either...lol

Motorcycle---never, I'm sure you know why.

Nick said...

Mesa Verde NP.