Details of Marian and Walter...


Hi everyone-

I realized last night that for some reason I had not told you the guitar players name, it's Walter. Not sure how I let that slip by. Walter was great to me, he allowed me to shoot as many photographs as I wanted and to be as close as I wanted while he played.

He also seemed as interested in what I was up to as I was what he was up to.

Today's images are detail shots of Walter and Marian's performance one night on River Street. The song was under the boardwalk. It was Walter on Lead guitar and vocals and Marion with back up and dancing. As well another gentleman sitting near by making flowers out of Palmetto was harmonizing.

You really should check these guys out when you get the chance to be in Savannah, I think you will really enjoy their show.


Ted said...

These are a powerful duo Brian. Each has its own story and speaks to those so preoccupied by forests that they miss trees.

pnfphotography said...

Very cool DOF and POV with that bounce of red...excellent

Nick said...

Love the guitar shot. Fantastic.