Let's Go For A Ride...


Hey everyone-

I thought this was a fun image of our little crew having some fun. Today we add Conor to the mix.

Everyone was excited to drive around in the Jeep. Too bad the little ones didn't have long enough legs to hit the pedal, so they just sat in place pretending for all they're worth that they were on the adventure of a lifetime.

If only it was that easy to escape reality and have some fun...


Nick said...

I like the angle on the last three. I'm still trying to tell when an angle works and does not work. Seems fine on these. Love the great expressions.

Brian Bastinelli said...

Hey Nick-

Thanks for checking out the image. I too have been working alot with angles lately.

I seem to be developing a style related to these angles.

That being said, as I am sure you have discovered, you have to be pretty careful on how they are used.

I worked on this a lot during the Savannah Street Portraiture workshop. Sometimes it worked sometimes not.

One thing that Craig, who says hi BTW, pointed out is that it often works better when the subject is not on as hard and angle as the background is.

I mostly agree with that, but I still like to put my subjects on pretty hard angles either while composing the shot or later in cropping.

You just want to watch that the viewer doesn't have to bend their neck to see the subject.

Thanks again...

Cindi said...

Fun shot! I like the color in this one. I remember when my son had one of those jeeps many many years ago. The boy in the back (Owen?) looks like he is reading the map for directions!